Wednesday, June 2, 2010

pet peeve of the day:

Grocery cashiers that are idiots.

I'll start out by saying that I am more obsessive-compulsive than most people are when it comes to how my groceries are bagged. If I can help it, I always place my items on the conveyor belt in this order: all frozen things, all refrigerated things, all non-refrigerated food, and all other items. It makes me look silly when I discover a lone pack of frozen vegetables hiding underneath something and lunge to give it its rightful spot in the 'frozen goods' section up at the front so it doesn't get lonely, but it makes me feel immensely better to do so. Not to mention, the temperature separation method, while you would think it would be elementary, does not seem to be a priority for any store employee I have ever encountered, so I'm forced to take matters into my own hands.

Today, I managed to get all of my groceries up in the proper order. LaShundria, my trusty cashier, did not seem to be in any sort of hurry. I mean, she was bagging at a snail's pace (while having a conversation with the guy working the next lane). If you're doing crappy work in return for speed, I can maybe forgive that... but she was not even remotely paying attention to what she was doing. I could have climbed over the counter, figured out how to work the register, and bagged my own groceries in half the time it took her.

Also, she put approximately 5 items in the bag with my bread and eggs, while a bag of CHIPS got its own entire Target bag. LaShundria, I would like to explain to you something: that bag of chips is 75% empty. It's basically a giant air bubble. In fact, I hear Amazon is going to start using chip bags to cushion their packages instead of those clear bags of air. (Not really, but I should suggest that. "This package brought to you by Doritos!" It could be a great snack food marketing idea.) So why does the bag of chips get to be all by its lonesome while there are water bottles crushing my eggs and bread? It seems to me like LaShundria may have been discriminating against my choices of inexpensive, marginally healthy food by trying to ensure that the chips would be the only thing edible by the time I got home. Well, it DIDN'T WORK. I will eat my bread smushed and my eggs cracked, and I will throw my chip bag down and stomp on it. That'll show you. (Okay, not really.)