Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's a large possibility...

... that no one will find this amusing except me.  But here goes.  One of my favorite music blogs that I read almost daily is known as I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS.  A woman named Heather Browne writes it, and it's great.  Well, the other day, Nick Hornby, debatably my favorite author of all time, and who coincidentally also has phenomenal taste in music, wrote about his playlist here in the New York Times.  Besides describing a rather interesting playlist, the article gave a shoutout to Fuel/Friends as being one of his favorite sites.  After congratulating myself on the fact that Nick and I are obviously soulmates (we share taste in music AND music blogs) I proceeded to read the comment section.  Almost immediately, a posting by one "RGT" caught my attention.

Dearest Nick. You realize that Gen X indie geeks the world over seethe with intense jealousy that you get to write things like this for the NY Times, right?

Ah well. One day *I’ll* sum up modern pop-culture-steeped maledom in the Novel Of My Generation, and then I too will be paid to tell millions of people worldwide about my awesome playlists. Of course, everyone’ll justifiably accuse me of being a “Hornby-esque” poseur, but hey, what’s a tarnished reputation when you’re living the dream?

‘Til then, more power to you, brother!

I couldn't have summed it up better myself.  Thanks, RGT.  

And thanks, Dr. Honkanen, for making today's biochemistry exam next to impossible.  Happy Halloween!

P.S.If I have to see the word "phosphorylates" again, I think I might throw up. 

P.P.S. New post at Musical Moxie.  Obviously I'm studying hard. 

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