Monday, January 12, 2009

birthday resolutions

I have never been successful at making New Year's resolutions.  So this year, instead, I am trying something different: birthday resolutions.  Since I am 21 today, I thought it would be appropriate to come up with 21 goals for this year.  Now, obviously I will probably not reach all of these goals, but the more I set for myself, the bigger the chance will be that i'll achieve one or two of them, right?  :)

1. Stick to my budget.  I have never budgeted my money before this year.  I started using one on January 1st, and so far I'm doing really well as far as keeping track of my spending.  Let's hope this can continue.  I just hate to think of all the stupid places my loan money was going before - this at least makes me think "do I really want to have to type this in" about something before I spend money on it.  

2. Keep on top of my studying.  Okay, so - I've already failed at this so far this semester.  For example, right now I am writing in my blog instead of paying attention in class.  But, to be fair, I can't understand this guy.  And as soon as I finish these next 19 resolutions, I'm going back to studying.  Right.

3. Listen to more music (but don't necessarily spend money on it).  For example, I have begun listening to the NPR podcast "All Songs Considered."  It's really great.  They interview bands and play a bunch of awesome music.  For free.  Also, NPR has a feature called "Exclusive First Listen" on their site where you can stream albums before they are released - for example, right now you can listen to the latest offerings by Bruce Springsteen, Animal Collective, M. Ward, and Andrew Bird.   Yes, please.

4. Get better at Scrabble.  If you would like to help me achieve this goal, sign up for the Lexulous application on Facebook and challenge me to a game.  

5. Not play Scrabble quite as often during class.

6. Read my Bible every day.  I am really bad at this.  But I want to make a huge effort to read at least a chapter every day.   (I started this morning!)

7. Watch the 5 Best Picture nominees when the Oscar nominations come out (and before the actual awards ceremony so I can act like a movie snob for one night in my life).   *NOTE: I don't think this will be possible because Alabama's movie theatres do not, as a general rule, play films of substance.  Nevertheless, I will try.

8.  Not waste as much time on the Internet.  If I have free time after studying, I'd rather spend it reading a book or watching a quality film.  

9.  Keep in touch with old friends.  At least once a week, my goal will be to call someone I haven't talked to in awhile.  

10. Eat more fruit.  It is way tastier than dessert.  Who needs ice cream and chocolate when you can have an apple?  (I'm trying to convince myself here.)

11. Eat more vegetables.  

12. Learn to cook more interesting recipes.  I have a cookbook now so this should not be hard.  Right?

13. Not get viruses on my computer.  On a related note, learn how to fix whatever is wrong with my keyboard right now.

14.  Take more pictures.  I always forget to bring my camera places and I always regret it.  

15.  Publish a Scrapblog of all interesting events attended, using aforementioned photographs.

16.  Clean my apartment on a more regular basis.  This includes vacuuming, cleaning the shower, etc.  Who doesn't love a sparkly clean house?  It always puts me in a better mood.

17.  EXERCISE two to three times a week.  I am not paying for this gym membership for nothing!  Plus I can probably guarantee I will not be successful all the time at numbers 10 and 11 so maybe this will help keep me in shape.

18.  Read magazines as soon as I get them.  Okay, I love magazines, but it's turning into a problem.  Especially the U.S. News ones.  I subscribe because I want to be informed and I really do enjoy it once I start reading them but it's just hard to sit down and actually read it when I'd rather be watching TV or something. 

19.  Get some really awesome sunglasses.  Usually I buy sunglasses when I am desperate and I need them because I broke a pair or something, and I just get whatever five-dollar pair doesn't look awful on my face.  No more.  I want a really legit pair that I can put on just because I want to look awesome, not just because there's sun in my eyes or something dumb like that.    Example:  Yesterday in church there was a lady sitting next to me in a black business suit and sunglasses.  I am not kidding.  She was pretty fly.  (Except when she couldn't find the hymnal and she was too cool to look on with my large-print edition.  There are apparently slim pickings in the back row, just fyi.) 

20.  Read the books that are on my shelf and I have never read.  Examples: The Namesake.  Love in the Time of Cholera.  Mrs. Dalloway.  The Road.  Complete Works of Harold Pinter, Volume Two.  Also, reread some of the ones I read in high school that I don't remember, such as The Stranger. 

21.  Write something. I really love to write things; this past year I started both a play and a novel and I really like both of them a lot.  Finding the time is difficult, but it's so rewarding to have something on paper that I completely thought up.  Perhaps that is narcissistic, but I would really like to finish one of them, or at least make significant progress. 

Whew.  I'm exhausted just thinking about this list.  Wish me luck!

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Andrew said...

Awesome list! Quite a lot on there that I need to do as well, or should do, or want to do. I especially liked the movie one. Most years I've seen 2-3 of the 5, but never all 5. I've learned that the best way to do it in Alabama is to actually download the movies. Illegal, but you can find em. If you don't mind watching from your computer that is....