Monday, February 16, 2009

question of the day.

I have asked a lot of people this question before, but it's been awhile and I am curious to know what my blog readers will respond.  It's a three-part question:

1. In the movie of your life, what actor would you pick to play you?
2. Who would play your love interest?
3. Who would play your best friend?

My choices would be:
1. Laura Linney.  (I flip-flop on this one between her and Reese Witherspoon.  I can't decide.)
2. Jack Black (if you are confused about this choice, see The Holiday).  
3. Lauren Graham. 

I'm anxiously awaiting your responses.


Kacie said...

1. I have been told I look like both Helen Hunt and Ellen. I would prefer Gwyneth Paltrow or Angelina Jolie, because she is so bad-a**.

2. Jude Law. He is not a nice person, but if he just glanced at me I would probably fall in the floor. Also you can see this on The Holiday.

3. I have two best friends. The first would be Meg Ryan and the second would be Courtney Cox.

Caleb said...
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Caleb said...

I'll try again.

1. Ryan Reynolds (limited hair gel, please)

2. Courtney Cox (she pretty much looks like Tricia)

3. Dwight Schrute--not Rainn Wilson--I want Dwight Schrute to play my best friend.

I would also opt for Barack Obama to play my sidekick.

Neal said...

This one's hard. But: Here's my impulse reactions:

1. James Franco (clearly not on, or Joseph Gordon-Levitt

2. Jennifer Anniston or Ginnifer Goodwin

3. Justin Long or Jack Black

Exactly half of my choices were in "He's just not that into you." Hmm..

William said...

1. Not a clue- someone undiscovered. Will update

2. Jennifer Anniston

3. George Clooney- he just seems like a certified bad ass

allison said...

We could all totally have overlapping life-movies.

Neal: I kid you not, I was waffling between Justin Long and Jack Black for my love interest. And also it sounds like that movie has had quite an impact on you... haha.

Neal said...

Haha, yeah. My subconscious liked it even more than I knew. Lol

Andrew said...

1. Will Smith (because I really don't know, but he'd probably make a lot of people watch the movie, plus it'd show a completely different/wrong side of me). Or maybe the complete opposite of Will smith.
2. Zooey Deschanel
3. Zach Braff (I have a lot of friends, but can't figure out a "best friend," however he'd be amusing).

Really, the only one of those 3 answers I'd put any salt on is #2. Definitely.

Anna said...

1. Jennifer Ehle - she played Elizabeth in the BBC Pride & Prejudice... (or Zooey Deschanel)

2. Jensen Ackles - amazing actor, beautiful, need I say more? (I also debated with Justin Long...)

3. Best friend - hands down - Kate Winslett

Pooh-Bah said...

1. Jennifer Connolly (I think she is BEAUTIFUL and a fantastic actress). I agree with Kacie's Angelina Jolie statement, but at least I look SOMEWHAT like the female part of Brangelina. :-P
2. Justin Long. I know this is a copycat answer, but I realized this weekend that I am, in fact, in love with him. Alternate answer: James McAvoy, Atonement-style.
3. I don't know, but someone really nice. Perhaps Marilyn Manson.

Pooh-Bah said...

Umm, and has Joseph Gordon-Levitt been in anything since Angels in the Outfield? LOL.

Neal said...
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Neal said...

Haha, yeah, he's been in a lot of stuff. Notably, though, a movie called "Brick." It's great. It's a mob movie based on the premise that mobs exist in high school. Pretty cool movie. He stays low-key, for whatever reason. He's really good.

Pooh-Bah said...

I'll have to check him out in that movie, then. I'm glad he didn't pass away, or disappear from the silver screen.

Neal said...

Yeah, definitely check it out.

Liz said...

Hmm curious.

1. Eva Longoria, for obvious reasons
2. Patrick Dempsey, for even more obvious reasons
3. Peyton Manning, because he is awesome.

Liz said...

Pooh bah, 10 things I hate about you?

Andrew said...

Neal is correct. Brick is awesome. Took me a half hour to figure out exactly the kind of movie I was watching... but awesome indeed.

sharon tsay said...

(with no regard to actual likeness of appearance)
1. amy poehler. i would want my life to be a comedy (it sure can be!) and she's hilarious.
2. jermaine clement. (flight of the conchords). ditto comment about comedy - and he's super nerdy. it works.
3. andy samberg. how awesome would life be as one long series of SNL digital shorts?

SarahBeth said...

1. Mandy Moore. My hairdresser says I look like her, which I don't see. But I do rather like her, and she has the added bonus of being able to break into song at unexpected times, which can really spice up a movie.

2. Tobey Maguire. If you've met Todd, this should be obvious.

3. Lauren Graham, because my sister is so obsessed with Lauren that she emulates her anyway. It would only be fair to return the favor.

Tricia said...

Everyone who put Justin Long for love interest: you disgust me. He is such a twerp! What is wrong with you people!

allison said...

dear tricia,

you're crazy.

also, i am anxiously awaiting your own responses. the suspense is killing me. i am especially interested to see how they line up with caleb's.


Caleb said...

By the way, in the movie of my life, everytime I entered a room, Stevie Wonder's Superstition would play.

Ellen said...

ditto on these people dont look like me

1) Natalie Portman or Ellen Page
2) Matt (ok cheesy yes, but he is an actor right?)
3) Reese Witherspoon