Sunday, March 1, 2009

I am LIVID right now. 

Last night I came home to my apartment around 10:30 and noticed that the carpet in my room was wet. I was annoyed because this happened a couple months ago, and it had been some type of leak from the apartment next door that had come under my floor and gotten everything soaking wet. It was the biggest hassle in the world - they ripped up all the carpet in my closet and brought a huge loud fan in for a day or so, then when they cleaned the carpet it smelled so bad I thought I might asphyxiate from the fumes when I went to sleep.

So when I realized that it had happened again, I was incredibly mad.  It's even worse this time too, because it's covering a lot more floor space - like half my bedroom and extending into the living room.  Also there was a huge inch-deep puddle in my kitchen.  I called maintenance around 11:30 last night, and this is how the conversation went:

me: I just got home and noticed a large amount of water underneath my carpet in my apartment.
him: Oh, are you underneath apartment 110?
me: Yes, I think so.
him: Oh, yeah.  They had a water heater problem today.  We figured some of the water had gotten into your apartment, but we didn't want to knock on the door because it was kind of late.
me: Okay, can you send someone out to look at it?
him: Yeah, we'll send someone out tomorrow to clean it up.
me:  Okay.  It's a whole lot of water.  (Judging by his attitude, I don't think he grasped this).

Fast forward to 4pm today.  I leave to go to the library to study because my apartment is like a wet sponge (I have been wearing rain boots inside all day, it's the only way to walk around) and it also is beginning to smell AWFUL.  On the way, I called maintenance back (it is a pager number).  30 minutes later, he calls me back.  Conversation:

me: I called last night about a water leak in my apartment...
him: Oh, yeah.  I'm glad you called, I had completely forgotten about that.
me: Can you send someone out today to fix it?
him: Sure, I'll call the carpet guys.  I'll give you a call and let you know when they're on their way.
me:  Well, actually, I'm not at home, and I won't be for the rest of the night.  You can get in without me there, right?
him: (very long pause) Oh.  Um.... I guess so.  I'd have to call a manager...
me:  Well, I will not be home for the rest of the night but I'd like to have it taken care of.
him:  Okay... I'll see if we can figure something out...
me: Thank you.

It is now 11:39, and when I walked in a few minutes ago nothing had changed.  He obviously did not call someone to come out.  The place smells incredibly bad.  I don't even know what to do.  I have to go pay my rent tomorrow, so I am going to try to talk to the new manager about it, because the place changed ownership a few days ago. 

I don't know what to do.  I honestly can't stand living here and it makes my life infinitely more stressful than it already is.  I'm embarrassed to even bring people here because the property is so disgusting.  There are always multiple stray cats running around the parking lot, and my upstairs neighbors have loud parties at all hours of the night and like to participate in activities such as flicking their cigarette butts onto my car.  Not to mention that ever since I have moved in it's been a constant battle with maintenance issues.  I spent the first three months without a light in my kitchen because something about the fixture was messed up and they couldn't seem to find time to replace it.  The only problem is, my lease is until the beginning of August and I don't know if there's any way I can get out of it.  

I'm going to bed, I guess.  Nothing like living in a swamp.  


Neal said...
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Neal said...

you can get out if they "breach the contract". that sounds awful, and i know a lawyer can figure out if they've breached the contract. i would def see if that's a possibility