Friday, April 3, 2009

The rudest cashier I have ever seen.

I stopped at Winn-Dixie a few minutes ago to buy a peach pie and a box of Hot Pockets.  (What can I say, frozen prepared foods are my favorite.)  The girl who checked me out was probably about 16 or 17.  Okay so first of all, I should preface this to say that during the whole exchange (you know, the part where I pay for my food and she rings it up and cheerfully smiles as she hands me the receipt) she was text messaging under the counter.  Now, I am not a person who has to have a conversation with every store employee I encounter, so not a big deal.  When it came time to pay, I pulled my debit card out because I was hoping to get some cash back.  I swiped the card.  I entered the first digit of my PIN number, which happens to be 3.  When I did that, however, the button got stuck and it typed 3 like 4000 times.  This was a problem because my PIN number is not that many digits long and there are some other numbers in there too.  I told the cashier something to the effect of, "I think the machine messed up."  Without a glance in my direction, she said, "Yeah, you're going to have to swipe it again."

So I swiped again.  I pressed 3 again.  The same thing happened.  I repeated this process three times.  While this was happening, I was providing a running narrative, just in case she cared what was happening or that the credit card machine was broken.  (She didn't.)  Finally, I just said, "Well, it won't let me use the 3 button and it is sticking.  I have another card I can use, though."  So I pulled out my credit card, swiped it, put it back in my wallet, and looked at her.  She finally looked up at me.  "I'm going to need the last four numbers on your card, please," were the words she said.  "You are an idiot and I can't believe you've been distracting me from my text messaging for the past five minutes," is what her face was telling me.

So I told her the last four digits of my card.  Thankfully, I did not have to type them in.  All I can do is hope that any future customers on Aisle 7 of Winn-Dixie do not have 3 in their PIN numbers.  


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WInn Dixie sucks. Their executive team has sold stock using insider trading tatctics. their CFO has lived in a hotel for over 5 years