Monday, May 11, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...

Tomorrow I leave for England!  I'm going over there for two weeks with my grandparents and my cousin Tori.  I've been so stressed with school that I've barely had time to think about it until like, yesterday.

I'm still finishing up last minute packing and stuff.  There was some suitcase drama earlier today. Last year when I flew over there, Delta broke the wheel off my awesome suitcase.  I packed in that one but planned to transfer to my sister's suitcase when I got here to Huntsville.  It turns out, however, that hers is a lot smaller than mine. So I had to cut down a lot... my minimalist packing (Kacie, if you had seen what I packed last time you'd understand) has now become barely enough to survive packing.  Also, I don't want to bring a huge carry on, I just want to have one suitcase and carry my giant purse with me.  This is against many people's advice, so I guess when my luggage gets lost the joke will be on me. Oh well.

I should be able to blog regularly from my phone while I'm over there.  I figured out that I can take the sim card out of my phone and still use it connected to wi-fi to email and use Internet and such.  So I'll hopefully keep this updated with pictures and such; stay tuned!

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