Wednesday, June 17, 2009


1. Crawfish, while delicious, are quite difficult to eat. Also, I had to suppress the wave of nausea that came over me whenever I looked at their little beady eyes and had to pull off their little legs. Eating them was definitely a unique experience. It was also an experience that lasted a long time - I couldn't get the smell off my hands for a good 24 hours.

2. I have not yet seen Brad, Angelina, Shiloh, Knox, Vivienne, Maddox, Pax, or Zahara (thanks, Wikipedia) wandering the streets of New Orleans. However, I do spend most of my time in the city inside the Tulane Medical School building, and my guess is that they do not frequent that spot often. If I do run into them, though, you as my faithful readers will be among the first to know. Right after I ask them why on earth you would name a baby Pax. I wonder if he has playdates with Coco Cox-Arquette and Apple Paltrow and Sunday Rose Kidman-Urban?

3. Cemeteries are closed on Sunday. Weird.

4. I am a really great tourist. Example: the time I dropped about twenty gold dollar coins (thank you, Stephen Marbut) on the sidewalk while running toward the streetcar. Luckily, Carrie, Jason, Mandy, and I were able to pick them all up and still catch the streetcar in time. Of course, it turned out to be a pointless endeavor because the cemetery to which it led us was closed, it being Sunday and all.

5. People are awful drivers here. I mean, AWFUL. It's the weirdest thing. Also, not only are they bad, they like to drive below the speed limit in the left lane on the interstate. It doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. I am beginning to see where Carrie gets her road rage.

6. Beignets are DELICIOUS. And if the line is super long at Cafe du Monde, wait in it anyway. The knockoffs across the street at "Cafe Beignet" are way overpriced and way not good. They're like fried bricks. And they skimp on the powdered sugar. However, the other Cafe du Monde in Metairie still serves up the same delicious food and coffee, just minus the ambiance/crowds of the original. We stopped there on our way to our test friday, and both Mandy and I made As. You better believe it will be a tradition from now on.

7. It is so unbelievably hot. All the time. At 9pm last night, after we finished our evening jog/walk, it was still 93 degrees. And DARK outside.


Katie said...

you are SO right about cafe du monde...they are amazing! do you think the drivers in nola are worse than mobile? cause they are pretty darned bad here...

SarahBeth said...

Having lived there myself, I can relate. I discovered after moving out of New Orleans that I had become one of those drivers (I think you have to, in order to survive). Also, Brad & Angelina's house is across from Audubon Park, and it's ridiculous. You won't see them unless they are filming a commercial about how much they love and are "helping" the city. And, finally, just be glad you aren't paying a water bill, as the Sewerage & Water Board attempted to charge me ~$10,000 for the water in my tiny apartment. Not that I'm bitter.