Monday, July 13, 2009


things you can do to make your summer a little better:

1. wear something yellow.

purse, Fossil, ridiculously on sale at Macy’s. | button, national gallery london

2. see the summer’s best movie.

3. eat a piece of dove “bananas foster” chocolate.

I'd write more about these but I’m too busy eating them and I don’t want to get banana-caramel-y goo on my keyboard. They have vaguely inspired me to make actual bananas foster, which involves a flaming pan on the stove. Get ready. (Mandy suggested I should do it in my current apartment, like the day before I move out, so if I burn it down it’s no big deal, right?)

4. paint your toenails.

I’ve gone through several toenail phases this summer. There was the mostly-failed “watermelon” experiment, which meant that I now have some sweet new nail polish colors. I’m about to try this lime green shade tonight.

5. find a new favorite song. some current faves of mine:

  • · gavin degraw – “I’m in love with a girl”
  • · sugarland – “it happens”
  • · deer tick – “dirty dishes”
  • · the avett brothers – “murder in the city”

you can listen to those HERE if you are interested. happy july!

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sharon tsay said...

purse on sale at macy's! score. :)