Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I have never been to New York. The city remains a mystery to me that exists only in the land of television and movies. I have begun to notice something lately that is rather mystifying. In TV-land New York City, there seems to be an endless supply of young, beautiful, and single people -- to the point where on every single episode the characters have new significant others. On a show like Sex and the City it's not so much of a stretch to me -- after all, they are four beautiful women that wear designer clothes and seem to spend every evening at bars, nice restaurants, and elite parties. Plus, there's a lot of overlap - one character will date someone for several episodes. Carrie Bradshaw probably spent most of the series agonizing over three or four serious boyfriends that she had. What really mystifies me, though, is Seinfeld. None of those characters seem to ever be single. Okay, so I'll buy it with Elaine and even Jerry (he's a comedian, after all), but is New York really full of that many single and desperate women that Kramer has a different girlfriend every week? Here in Alabama, it's taken me the better part of twenty-two years to find one boyfriend, and short, balding, unemployed George Costanza probably snags twenty beautiful women per year. Either the island of Manhattan is some kind of fantasy land, or I'm missing something.


Andrew said...

... believe me, I've been there, it isn't some fantasy land like TV describes. However, it is absolutely packed with people, so in NY there exist a lot more options immediately around you. In Alabama, not so much! Sadly. *sniff*

I wish my life was like a show about nothing. Then it would be extremely interesting, as nothing seems to be.

Anna said...

Haha. I love it. I've wondered the same thing about many shows - friends. They always seem to have someone... Maybe it's tv magic?

Anonymous said...

I'm loving your blog.

Will definitely follow!