Monday, January 14, 2008

1.14.08 - london update #2

So the jet lag is finally going away, which is nice. We spent the morning at the Museum of London, which was really interesting, then ate lunch there and went to the British Museum in the afternoon. That place was HUGE. It kind of makes me wonder how the British got all this really cool stuff (the Rosetta Stone, some huge Egyptian statues, a whole bunch of Greek statues from the Parthenon, etc.) because there was absolutely nothing in there that had anything to do with Britain. We got done there around 4; we hadn't seen everything but we were all really kind of museum'ed out at that point. Dr. Sandley took us to Leicester Square, where a lot of the theatres are and you can buy half-price tickets. Kelli and I walked around the West End a little bit, went back to the house to change, and came back to get tickets to The Woman in Black. It was really good! It was really scary. I definitely screamed out loud at one part. We had dinner right before the show at a little Greek place, and the "Greek salads" we ordered didn't have any lettuce! It was just tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, and a block of Feta on top. Kind of weird, but it wasn't too bad. The hummus was excellent too.
Sandley had planned to take us to Sound of Music tomorrow night, but instead decided to get us tickets to Lord of the Rings: The Musical. Here's something of the conversation we had:
Me: Is it supposed to be good?
Dr. S: Well, I've heard the set is AMAZING!
Me: What about the music?
Dr. S: Mr. O says it sounds like Enya.
Stay tuned for updates on that one. Tomorrow there's a 90% chance of rain so I'm breaking out the rain boots. We're going to St. Paul's, then some kind of art gallery that I can't remember the name of. Then we'll probably hit up the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner because we apparently will have a good discount with these London Passes we're getting, and then it's Lord of the Rings time. Anyways, it's after midnight so I should get to bed. Good night!


Andrew said...

I think they got most of their stuff from, you know, taking over much of the known world when they were in their heyday. Just a thought! :)

And a Lord of the Rings musical?? What in the world. Sounds intriguing. Not something I'd choose to see, but I'd go given the opportunity. Enya's pretty good sometimes - her songs for the movies were good anyways. I'm not sure I could take a musical with nothing but that style constantly though. Let us know how it is!

And you have to pick up a T-Shirt at the Hard Rock in London. I mean seriously, whether you collect those shirts or not, you need to get one. Just throw one of your shirts away so you can fit it in the suitcase on the way back!

Andrew said...

... and take pictures with you NEXT to these great things. Not that you aren't. I just know of too many trips I've been on where I come back with a ton of good pictures, but I realize I'm not in any. It's very sad.