Thursday, February 5, 2009

celebrity blogs: top four

There are two things about me you should know.

A) I'm a stalker.

B) I love Google Reader.  Every day, new syndicated content in the form of blogs from across the World Wide Web is delivered instantly to my computer screen.  If you haven't used Reader yet, you should give it a try.  

The logical conclusion that one could draw from these two facts is that I love to read blogs of people that I do not know in real life.  This conclusion is correct.  I have come across many, but there are a few of these celebrity blogs that continually amaze me.  These are the ones that keep me reading day after day.  I have decided that it's only fair to share these with you.  
WARNING:  I am not responsible for any sketchy content that may or may not appear on these pages.  They're celebrities, after all.  They exist in an alternate universe.

Without further ado, and in no particular order:

If you are an avid Office fan like I am, you will recognize the name Mindy Kaling.  She plays Kelly, one of my favorite characters on the show, but she is also one of the show's writers.  She also writes possibly the funniest blog I have ever read.  She is a self-confessed shopaholic and writes hilarious discourses about various things she has purchased.  I highly recommend that you go read every entry.  

While not as entertaining as his novels (could anything ever be as entertaining as his novels?), one of my comedic heroes provides an ongoing dry and witty commentary of just about everything - books he's read, music he's listened to, stupid people he's encountered, you name it.  Notice the second post down entitled "I have just come back."  I am pretty sure I laughed out loud for a long time after I read that one.  Also, it keeps me posted on what he's up to; he wrote the screenplay for an independent movie called An Education that recently got picked up at the Sundance Festival for US distribution. 

An open letter to Ryan Adams: Unstable as you might be, I am simultaneously enthralled and creeped out by your constant life documentation on this blog.  I would say that it's where I found out that you were retiring from music next month, but by the time I got around to reading, you had deleted the post in a fit of fiery rage, leaving only a cryptic message behind.  Of course, this led me to peruse the rest of the Internet to figure out what was actually going on.  (For some reason, the detailed posts outlining symptoms of your medical condition didn't tip me off, but now I have put the pieces together.  Don't worry.)  Your photography skills are pretty rad as well -- this is what tipped me off that you were dating Mandy Moore.  This has apparently been old news for months, but I was unaware.  Good thing I came across that photo of her (codename: Bug) that you posted yesterday.  I guess what I'm trying to say, Ryan, is to keep on keeping us guessing.  Because now that you're no longer going to make music, what else will keep people talking about you?  

I guess this isn't really a blog, but it might be better.  Not only is she hilarious and her music's amazing, but she updates her Twitter more than most of my actual friends do, which always provides for some sweet entertainment.  Also, she just started a real blog the other day (entitled "Bliggity Blog"), which can be found at  Read and enjoy.

I hope these provide at least one person with some entertainment for the afternoon.   Have a nice day.


Neal said...

I love The Office, and I love Kelly's character because she is so superficial that it's almost farcical, but they always bring her back into the realm of the real, which I think is fantastic. But here's the thing: why has no one commented on her posts? If it's her, I think that's so strange. Anyway, just something I found interesting.

allison said...

Neal: I think she has the comments turned off. At first, I too was skeptical that it was actually her, but I read an interview with her where she talked about the blog, and if you read some of the older posts she talks about the fellow writing staff and stuff so I'm pretty positive it's legit.

Neal said...

Ohh okay. Well then I'll probably follow it. I just wanted to make sure it was her. B/c I mean, I follow some guy who says he's John Mayer on Twitter, but the chances of it actually being him are about -3. Out of 100.

allison said...

Yeah, I got really excited when I found "Tina Fey" on Twitter but then I realized the same thing.

Neal said...

Did you read my status?

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