Tuesday, February 3, 2009


1. I am disappointed in the lack of response to my top-3-songs-for-the-rest-of-your-life post.  However, I would like to provide you with an update.  I have thought of some new contenders to hold the title of song #3.  

-"The Trapeze Swinger" by Iron & Wine.  This song is phenomenally wonderful.  It is also very long, which is a good quality to have in this situation. 
- "For Emma" (myspace version) by Bon Iver.  This one is really great too; however, it's super short (I think only 2 minutes) so I would have to listen to it many more times.  But that might not be a problem. 

2. Readers, you'll be happy to know that Motivated Allison was able to overcome the odds this morning after only two presses of the snooze button.  Not only that, but Motivated Allison went to the GYM.  At 7:45 am.  I'm kind of in awe of this fact.  I might brag about it a lot.  Perhaps it will become my new daily routine.  I feel very triumphant today.   

3. ALSO, this may be TMI, but I have super dry skin in the winter.  It's a problem.  While pondering this yesterday, I noticed that I have about a thousand types of lotion.  So as a service to the general population of all 5 of you that read this blog, I am going to test all the various lotions I own in a systematic, experimental format over the next couple of days and review and rate them on here.  If anyone knows of any amazing products they think I should try as well, please let me know and I will include it.  (As long as it's not super expensive.  I'm sure that there's some type of like, Chanel dry-hand-cream that costs $400 that is amazing, but you know, I just don't care quite that much.)  Also, I am still pondering what the conditions of this experiment should be, since I want to be fair to all products represented in the trial.  How should I do it?


Katie said...

good for you! skipping class to go to the gym is WAY more productive. also, have you tried bath & body works' shea butter lotion? AWESOME. and i suggest you test the lotions by applying them after you shower, a different one every day, and see how long they last/how many times you have to re-apply.

Andrew said...

So I failed at the 3 song thing. But, even though I never made a specific answer, I have a vague answer...

All 3 of my songs would be classical. Symphonies or piano pieces. Any songs with lyrics I'm convinced I'd grow to hate over time. They would stop matching up with my life, I'd just need something new. But non-lyrical pieces would keep me company forever. I could give other reasons... but those are just a few.

Having said that, I rarely listen to classical music, haha. But I like it!

Tricia said...

"It was good" by Better Than Ezra would be in my top three. That's all I know for right now.

And good for you for going to the gym! Victory over the bed is a tough daily battle.

Liz said...

I'm proud of motivated allison too.

Anna said...

i think that you should totally try st. ive's sheer silk. it's amazing and doesn't leave your hands greasy. (i hate it when lotion does that!)

i can't just pick three songs!!!

sharon tsay said...

i really like aveeno lotion (they have oatmeal in them i think?) - i put it on after the shower and my skin is actually not dry all day (until i go to bed, but it's really just my feet!) i say try that. let me know what works/doesn't!