Monday, August 17, 2009

a note about the "reactions" section

So, Blogger is going all Facebook on us and has a new feature entitled "Reactions." I enabled it as a sort of experiment. On an average day, I have not a clue how many people read my blog, and I know most of you don't comment, but maybe some people want to check a box instead. Or something. I don't really know. You can pick what you want the check boxes to say. The pre-determined options were "funny," "interesting," and "cool." It seems as if it would be rather narcissistic of me to assume that my hundreds of readers MUST think that every blog entry of mine falls into one of those categories. I thought about making a lot of different options, like "fascinating," "hilarious," "made me want to pull my hair out," "incredibly boring," "not your best work," et cetera, but I don't think my already-bruised ego (thank you, medical school) could take it. So as of the writing of this post, you're left with two options: you can either like it or dislike it. Like Facebook, but more fair and balanced. If your opinion of my post is more complicated, leave a comment. Or pick up the telephone. Or just don't click anything at all.


Andrew said...

This is too complicated to choose between... and too complicated for me to apparently get it in my blog even though I have it selected. LAME. Thanks for letting us know about the feature tho!

Debbie said...

I briefly considered adding this feature to my blog yesterday :)

I want to see some carefully chosen custom choices!