Monday, November 17, 2008


This morning, excited about the presence of winter, I donned my wool hiking socks, closed-toed shoes, a thermal undershirt, a T-shirt, and my new Marmot jacket.  An excellent outfit.  Or so I thought until I walked into the classroom.  At the beginning of class at 8:30, it wasn't so bad.  However, by 11 am, the temperature in the first-year auditorium was sweltering.  After a refreshing CMDA lunch (free pizza in the much cooler conference room), I returned to the classroom and it had gotten even worse.  It was at LEAST 90 degrees.  So I removed my hiking socks and shoes, but even barefoot, I am seriously regretting the thermal shirt right now.  Although apparently they are working on fixing the air conditioner.  A large crowd of people seem to have congregated around the sketchy closet door down at the front of the room.  

Well, I'm off to take my FOD test.  Wish me luck!

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